Elderly man indoors during an extreme heat event

Climate change threatens public health.

San Francisco Climate and Health Profile

The San Francisco Climate and Health Profile is a report that links climate change projections with their associated health outcomes, and identifies populations and locations most vulnerable to these health outcomes. The goal of the Climate and Health Profile is to support local public health climate adaptation efforts, and advance urban health and environmental justice in the climate and health field.

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San Francisco Climate Projections

How will climate change impact San Francisco weather patterns? This section summarizes climate projections for temperature, sea-level rise, extreme storms, and drought over the next century.

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Health Impacts

How is climate change linked to public health? This section analyzes how climate change impacts might trigger both direct and indirect public health outcomes.

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Neighborhood Summary

How prepared are San Francisco neighborhoods to the health impacts of climate change? Using data from over 40 community resiliency indicators, this section provides quantitative  measurements of resiliency and vulnerability to climate change stressors in San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

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Community Resiliency Indicator Maps

Which neighborhoods of San Francisco are most vulnerable to climate change health outcomes?  This section uses maps to geographically compare the relative resiliency and vulnerability of San Francisco planning neighborhoods to the health impacts of climate change.