Neighborhood Summary

How prepared are San Francisco neighborhoods to the health impacts of climate change? Using data from over 36 community resiliency indicators, this section provides quantitative measurements of resiliency and vulnerability to climate change stressors in San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

The community resiliency index is a summary of 36 equally weighted indicators from nine categories: hazards, environment, community, public realm, housing, economic, health, and demographic. As such, a neighborhood’s resiliency score refers to the neighborhood’s resiliency to certain climate change indicators.

Each category has an index resiliency score on a scale of 1 (least resilient) to 5 (most resilient). The resiliency score index is a compilation of all 36 indicators.

As part of the Community Resiliency Indicator System, we offer a comparative resiliency ranking of the 36 San Francisco planning neighborhoods. For more information about our Community Resiliency Indicator System and the Community Resiliency Index, click here.